Story time!

Please copy and paste the link into your browser to hear Leah read. This clip clearly highlights the importance of a child’s first few years of life. She has been exposed to lots of language opportunities. Her spoken language is very clear and she questions words she does not know the meaning of. She can… Continue reading Story time!

The power of reading!

I have read and sang rhymes to my little one each day and she is certainly a clever little girl. We have had so much fun acting out rhymes and drawing characters such as a spider from ‘Incy Wincy Spider’. She used the stamper to create the circle and then drew lines with the pen.

Mini Me!

Giving your child the tools to copy you and imitate you in their role play is essential to a child’s development. My little girl knows when it is cleaning time and she sets up her mini hoover ready to clean!!


My little girl has recently asked about size in stories so to enhance this I purchased 3 different sized jugs to enable her to visually see the size difference. We also learnt some action rhymes using different sizes.

Goodbye to the dummy

So proud of Leah as she has finally given up her dummy. I did not plan for it to happen; I seized the moment!! I noticed she did not request her dummy a few nights ago, so I hid it and she fell asleep without it. The next evening, I gave her some cuddly toys… Continue reading Goodbye to the dummy

Role models

As a teacher, I have taught children from very diverse backgrounds and different levels of social class. No matter where a child is from, I can always identify their behaviours from home through their role play either with other children or when they play with small world. Small world is using smaller models of life… Continue reading Role models

Muddy puddles

Exploring different types of weather is a lot of fun. Children get to use whole body movements and this soon develops into fine motor when they want to explore with sticks, leaves or fresh snow. This year has been excellent for making snowmen and talking about what happens to the snow when it melts. Leah… Continue reading Muddy puddles

Hello world!

I’m Rosie and I have a 2 year old daughter called Leah. I’m going to be uploading photos and video clips on a regular basis to support children learning through play. Why am I doing this you may ask? Well, since Covid-19, we know children have fallen behind in education and lots of work will… Continue reading Hello world!