At home, we have wrapped presents and wrote Christmas cards for family and friends. We have tasted lots of different food and baked our own cakes too!!

Soft play

I have recently taken Leah to soft play and it has enabled her to develop her social and physical skills. Some of the soft play centres are also sensory and have additional features such as the air blowing ball machine that Leah enjoyed exploring. The soft play area had several different slides, climbing ropes, a… Continue reading Soft play


Moving along to music has always been delivered well at settings and children are encouraged to create their own dance movements. Leah is currently getting into the joy of Christmas and loves dancing freely alongside her musical Christmas tree.

Name writing

Leah has started to show an interest in her name and what it looks like in print. I ensure her name has a purpose such as labelling her belongings or writing birthday cards. She enjoys using felt pens; so I wrote her name using a yellow highlighter and encouraged her to trace over the letters… Continue reading Name writing

Library Visit

We recently visited our local library and they have such a vast array of children’s books you never need to purchase one again!! My daughter can issue and return her books and enjoys the whole process. I would highly recommend using them.

Story time!

Please copy and paste the link into your browser to hear Leah read. This clip clearly highlights the importance of a child’s first few years of life. She has been exposed to lots of language opportunities. Her spoken language is very clear and she questions words she does not know the meaning of. She can… Continue reading Story time!

The power of reading!

I have read and sang rhymes to my little one each day and she is certainly a clever little girl. We have had so much fun acting out rhymes and drawing characters such as a spider from ‘Incy Wincy Spider’. She used the stamper to create the circle and then drew lines with the pen.

Mini Me!

Giving your child the tools to copy you and imitate you in their role play is essential to a child’s development. My little girl knows when it is cleaning time and she sets up her mini hoover ready to clean!!


My little girl has recently asked about size in stories so to enhance this I purchased 3 different sized jugs to enable her to visually see the size difference. We also learnt some action rhymes using different sizes.